Saturday, June 23, 2012

Extree! Extree! Read All About It!

I am pleased to introduce that Evangelique will be releasing a full-length album. Currently this piece is composed of 11 tracks, 1 nearly finished, 5 currently in the works and 5 yet to even be written.

The current tracklisting (subject to change):

01. Revelations Rock

02. Sorry State (It's Too Late)

03. Jesus Christ's Superstar

04. [No Title]

05. Get The Hell Outta Here

06. [No Title]

07. Break It!

08. [No Title]

09. [No Title]

10. The People United

11. [No Title]

The entirety of the album will be closing in on 80 minutes (and as such may feature an even more extensive tracklisting as work carries on). More to come as it develops.

- Izzy

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Welcome to the brand-new Evangelique blog.

Greetings to all! I'll say now... I'm not big on the whole blog-thing, not because I have anything against blogging (on the contrary, many of you write some pretty entertaining BS). It's because when "I" blog, I'll either ramble on and tangent terribly, or have nothing in particular to say...

So, despite the fact that I may blog again in the future, I'll just leave you with this... call it... a business card.

Here you can find so much free music that it's a pretty decently okay amount! (lolwut)